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Blogs of the moment.

In honor of National Blog Posting Month (which I’ve decided to participate in, in case you missed the big news), I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite blogs RIGHT NOW. These are the blogs that set my heart a-flutter when I see their names in bold on my Google reader. Of course all my old favorites still do too (you can check them out on the Good Reads sidebar), but I thought you might enjoy my latest favs.


  • 2Birds, 1Blog is an anonymous, shared blog between two friends. Meg blogs in red, Chris blogs in green (and according to them, sucks if you’re colorblind). Since I started really reading this blog a couple weeks ago, I’ve mostly only seen posts from Meg but that’s been enough to get me completely hooked. Meg has got to be one of the funniest bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading (in a pee your pants kind of way), and I have to admit I have a bit of a fellow blogger girl crush on her. I mean, after a post like this one (or any one really – that one just stood out for me as especially pee-inducing), how could you not?


  • This is mostly for my Boston-area brethren but crocodile tears is pretty much the best site ever if you 1. Love upcycled furniture and other “gems,” as Keyse calls them, 2. Are cheap as hell and 3. Don’t have time to comb Craigslist for good finds. BECAUSE THIS BLOG DOES IT FOR YOU. I’ve seen so many great items on here (she focuses mainly on mid-century modern, retro, vintage, and art deco finds, which all fit A and my aesthetic perfectly) and its perfect right now because we need a ton of furniture but have very teeny tiny pockets. Love.

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  • my funny eye is one of those blogs that, frankly? Is just beautiful. famapa lives in London (bonus points) and takes some of the most interesting photographs I’ve ever seen. I love what she does with light and shadows, total eye candy. And – she’s expecting a baby like, next week. And you know I’m a sucker for babies.

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  • The last one is Desire to Inspire, a great source for all things design and home decor. I love all the real pictures of people’s homes and the pets on furniture feature is too adorable. I’m getting more and more in to design these days, and now that I have my own house to decorate as I see fit, sources for good design inspiration are more fascinating to me than ever. One of the things that helps most, I’ve found, is just looking at pictures of real homes to discover more of what I like and what my own style is and for that, Desire to Inspire delivers beautifully.

If you feel so inclined, go ahead and name your own favorite “blogs of the moment”. Just remember to link back here so we can see too!

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