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Posts from ‘June, 2010’


My dear friend and former college roommate Caitlin raised an interesting point recently over at her blog, WAKING LIFE. She was talking about how refreshed and happy she’s been feeling lately and how she partially attributes that to the fact that she’s stopped trying to find fulfillment from her job. Though she works hard, she […]

Things I know right now.

This blog has been seriously and sorely lacking my attention and tender, loving care. The reason that this blog has been seriously and sorely lacking my attention and tender, loving care solely boils down to the fact that I had nothing of interest to say. I try not to blog when I don’t have anything […]

Cannoli wars: Mike’s v. Modern.

Any Bostonian worth their salt can tell you where you go to get a great cannoli in this city: Hanover Street, the North End. But we tend to be divided on where you can actually get the BEST cannoli in Boston. The top two contenders? Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry. The golden standard has always […]

My birth story.

For my birthday today, I asked my mom if she would do me the honor of writing down my birth story. Over the past few months, I’ve been reading a lot of birth stories. I’ve just been drawn to them. Leigh over at Marvelous Kiddo has a wonderful collection of birth stories. In fact, it […]

The quarter-life question.

So this week I turn 25. A quarter century. And like many of those who have reached this point before me, I can’t help but reflect a little on who I am and where I’m at. You know, in life. It’s not that I mind getting older. The number really doesn’t bother me, never has. […]

Birthday boy.

Today is our Milo’s birthday. He is three years young today (and 28 in human years!). He was born in 2007, the year Andreas and I graduated from BU and moved into our first apartment together on Marion Street in Brookline. What a fun summer that was. We met him when he was just 8 […]

Deck: before and after.

One thing I never expected about buying a house was the expectation from others that we would also buy flowers, when the time was right. Have you ever noticed the flower culture out in the ‘burbs? Because it can be brutal. It’s very “oh your flowers look…. nice. What are you using on them? I […]