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Flag cake.

Someone recently asked what happened to all the cake baking around here and the answer is: my waistline. My waistline happened. It can’t take it anymore. As much as I love all the cake, I had to put my baking on hold for awhile to slim up a little bit for the summer.

But. There are exceptions. And one of them was last weekend with the 50th birthday celebration for my uncle slash 4th of July party we were going to.

Of course I felt compelled to bake something. My first inclination was a coconut cake, just because I think it’s awesome for summer and it was my godmother’s favorite. But then I saw this incredibly festive cake on i am baker (originally from 17 and Baking) and got the brilliant idea to combine the two.

So a coconut flag cake it was. I took this recipe for basic white cake, added coconut flavoring, and baked three layers in white, blue and red. To make the colors really brilliant, I used these food coloring gels by Wilton that you can get at A.C. Moore.

After cooling them completely, I whipped up some frosting (adding in even more coconut flavoring) and then assembled the cake. I won’t attempt to explain the assembly myself when Elyssa did it so beautifully here, and also demonstrated it on a morning show, which you can watch here.

Okay, not going to lie: this was the most challenging cake I’ve ever made. And it literally took all day. From buying the special ingredients, baking and cooling the layers, making the frosting, and of course the assembly, the total time was almost 12 hours (with a lot of down time in between the steps).

But! It was totally worth it. I presented it as a plain coconut cake, and from the outside it looked just like one.

Then when we cut in – wow! Everyone was so shocked by the brilliant colors and the flag design. And even better? It actually tasted amazing. I made it the day before and I don’t know if it was the overnight sit in the fridge or what but it was incredibly moist and soft with a very distinctive coconut flavor (but not overwhelmingly so!).

This might have to become a July 4th tradition.


  1. That is an awesome looking cake! I though my completely made from scratch s’more pie was impressive. But this takes the, uh, well, cake. Hee.

  2. Woolymammoth says:

    Wow- that is a truly mouth-watering and ingenious cake. Now, I’m just trying to work out how to get a white cross going though a red cake for the Swiss national day on August 1st….

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