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Acadia bound.


Oh hey there! Funny bumping into you here… Let’s just get the awkward stuff out of the way first. Yes, I’m alive. No, I haven’t forgotten you. Yes, I’ve missed you dearly and thought of you often. No, I’m not sure if I’m back for real or just for now. But love me while you’ve got me, will you?

This weekend… this weekend we’re headed up to Acadia National Park on the rocky Maine coast for a three day camping extravaganza. Why do I love camping so much? I. don’t. know. But when I think about waking up in a sleeping bag, slipping on some boots, and enjoying some coffee with the sunrise, my heart starts pounding a little.

So that’s where we’ll be. I plan to take lots of pictures (indulging my newfound film obsession), log some serious campfire hours, overdose on fresh air, and just generally forget about the world for a while.


In other news, I made another beach video. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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  1. Hi! Glad you’re alive. And have fun camping! It’s still a little too warm here but as soon as it cools off a little more we’ll be taking our sleeping bags out too.

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