Juniper’S 1st Birthday

Our girl turned one a few weeks ago. One! Year! Of age. It boggles the mind. After all we’ve been through to get to this point, we wanted to celebrate this enormous milestone with our immediate family and closest friends. Here are some photos from our little party in the park.




We tried to keep everything pretty simple and low key. The park is a beautiful green spot on the ocean in our town. It was free to have the party there. The tablecloth and runner were the cheapest fabrics I could find: burlap and muslin. I bought them for a few bucks a yard to cover two 8-feet long picnic tables pushed together. My mom bought a bunch of bouquets from Trader Joe’s the day before which I arranged into blue Mason jars we bought on Amazon, plus some of our own vases. Also from Amazon, the jumbo jungle animals we spray painted gold (that are now scattered throughout our house on bookshelves and side tables!).

I couldn’t find a cake I liked at any local bakeries so I made this gluten free cake recipe myself with vegan frosting that was simply vegan shortening (blend of coconut and red palm oils), powdered sugar, and dehydrated strawberries for the pink color. I also made the ’1′ decoration out of some gold glitter paper, thin cardboard, and a wooden skewer. The cake stand is from Pier 1. It had a really beautiful, tall glass dome that Juni accidentally tipped off the counter a few weeks before her birthday, shattering it into a million pieces. So I kept the cake in my cake caddy until it was time to serve it. I bought a little 6″ cake pan and baked two layers. It wasn’t very much so I also made a dozen or so cupcakes with the same batter and frosting. But first for lunch, we ordered sandwiches for everyone from a local market that came with chips and pickles, and brought San Pellegrino sodas and bottled waters in a cooler.

All in all, it was such a success. One of those gathering that everyone leaves feeling full of joy and contentment. After a rainy night, the sun broke out right as the party got going and the sky cleared to the piercing blue you see in the photos. A beautiful day for a beautiful girl!

{Photos by our amazing friends and wedding/life photographers, Allegro Photography}