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Stay hungry, stay foolish.

In my everlong search for beauty and inspiration, I’ve started a new project. Go, follow, enjoy.

Lucky streaks.

Where do you stand on luck? Do you think it’s something you make? Like a cake or a painting or a pair of socks? Is it something you either have – or you don’t? Or is it like a long-distance friend, sometimes visiting you for a night or two? Perhaps a few days or a week? Do […]

For Hawai’i (and Japan).

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the devastating news from the Pacific this morning. An 8.9 magnitude quake stuck off the coast of Japan, causing widespread damage and spawning a massive set of tsunamis, one or several of which is hitting Hawai’i right now. As you might recall, we spent our honeymoon on Kauai and […]

January recap. With a side of “waaah.”

Pardon me while I quietly slink back into this blog. With more than a little bit of shame and embarrassment. Oy. It’s not just that I haven’t blogged in a month. I’m pretty certain I’ve gone for longer dry spells than that… at least I hope I have. It’s that I haven’t made good on […]


Today is good. So far, I like today. It started with a slow waking. Eyes fluttering, I lingered greedily in that luxurious state between sleep and wake and counted my blessings in that moment. The cozy cave of our bedroom, the den of our bed that I burrow into even more deeply when A’s away, pillows […]

Cannoli wars: Mike’s v. Modern.

Any Bostonian worth their salt can tell you where you go to get a great cannoli in this city: Hanover Street, the North End. But we tend to be divided on where you can actually get the BEST cannoli in Boston. The top two contenders? Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry. The golden standard has always […]

Happy place.

Whoops. Oh, hi blog! Didn’t see you there. Must have lost you in the shuffle of all the doing nothing last week (it was school vacation week here in Massachusetts which meant my first paid vacation as a nanny – sweet). You know, it’s funny. Most of the non-bloggers I know say, “Well, I’d love to […]

Injuries, cereal.

Andreas left for Tennessee yesterday morning at the crack of dawn. I always hate when he goes away on business trips but for some reason, the crack of dawn goodbyes are the hardest. We’re all warm and cozy, and then it’s beep beep and tired sighs and quick kisses goodbye and before I know it, […]

Help for Haiti.

When disasters occur around the world, many of us are left wanting to help but feeling powerless to do so. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I wanted nothing more than to go down to the city of my heart and help rebuild. I thought of how rewarding it would have been for me to […]

Monday babble.

I woke up this morning to an email from my uncle who lives in New Orleans with a photo of an oyster po-boy from the absolute best po-boy shop in the world (that I know of anyways) (Bobby’s in Harahan), which I’m pretty sure constitutes cruelty to family members and is punishable by law at […]